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  • Condition:Used
  • Year:2003
  • Make:Harley-Davidson
  • Category:Trike
  • Type:Motorcycle
  • Location:Cleves, OH
  • Mileage:15,000
  • VIN:1HD1FRW413Y706089
  • Primary Color:Silver
  • Secondary Color:Black
  • Engine Size:1,450
  • Price:$8,000
  • Options: Cruise Control, Custom Wheels, Cycle Cover, Fork Lock, Forward Controls, Rear Compartments

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2003 Harley Davidson 100th Anniversary Road King with a Lehman conversion. Dayton wire wheels, Wilwood rear disk brakes, parking brake, reverse uses the transmission not a starter motor, cruise control, first class conversion. I am the second owner. The original owner is one of the Gang of 13 Harley executives that bought Harley Davidson back from AMF. When he could no longer ride the Road King to the Harley events, Harley had it converted to a trike for him in 2009 so he could still attend their events. One of one. Mileage is just under 15K . Nicks in paint from use. Includes one key fob, one regular key, and one gold key. Fresh oil change and front brake pads. New pads for the rear included but not installed. I bought the rear pads for when they are needed. The installed pads are fine. $8,000. Negotiable


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