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This is a USA-made TGV custom bracket with LED headlight (pre wired), battery, battery mount, and charger. Add this to your TGV Mini Trike to light up the night road. This comes black powder-coated and ready to install!

 Illuminate Your Ride with High-Quality TGV Mini Bike Headlights at Tgvshop

Welcome to, your trusted destination for high-quality TGV Mini bike headlights. When it comes to riding your mini bike in low-light conditions or during nighttime adventures, having a reliable and bright headlight is essential for safety and visibility. Our collection features a wide range of high-quality TGV Mini bike headlights that are designed to provide superior illumination. With advanced lighting technology and durable construction, our headlights ensure a clear and well-lit path ahead, allowing you to ride with confidence. Explore our selection today and light up your mini bike for a safer and more enjoyable riding experience.

Upgrade Your Mini Bike with a High-Quality Light Kit

Transform your mini bike into a fully equipped machine with our high-quality mini bike light kits. offers a range of light kits specifically designed for mini bikes, providing you with the necessary components to install powerful and reliable lights. Our light kits include headlights, taillights, and all the required wiring and mounting accessories for easy installation. With our mini bike light kits, you can enhance safety, visibility, and style on your rides. Whether you’re riding on the streets or off-road, our light kits are a must-have accessory for any mini bike enthusiast.

Mini Bikes with Built-In Headlights for Convenience and Style

Looking for a mini bike that comes equipped with a headlight for added convenience and style? Look no further than We offer a selection of mini bikes with built-in headlights, combining functionality and aesthetics in one package. Our mini bikes are carefully designed with integrated headlights that seamlessly blend into the overall design, providing both practicality and a sleek look. Whether you’re cruising through the neighborhood or hitting the trails, our mini bikes with headlights will ensure excellent visibility while making a statement. Browse our inventory and find the perfect mini bike with a headlight to suit your riding needs.
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