2024 “Viper” Special Edition TGV Mini Trike

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Cheapskates need not read any further. This Special Edition TGV Mini Trike is a hand-built, uniquely designed machine that none of your buddies will have. You will be the envy of all of your friends!


This “Viper” Special Edition features:

  • Predator Ghost 212cc Racing Engine
  • Neon Green Powder Coated Frame
  • Bronze Powder Coated Wheels
  • Ribbed Black Leather Seat
  • Treaded Tires (May be white letters, depending on our stock at the time of your build)
  • Upgraded Handlebars
  • Headlight as shown
  • This unit will have the “best of the best” for every component and part we offer.

When you order a TGV Mini Trike (Special Edition), you invest in a functional artwork piece. This trike would be a fitting addition to a multi-million dollar showroom, but it would also stand up to hundreds of hours of ripping around campgrounds, parking lots, and fields with your buddies.

We won’t elaborate much more. This is an exclusive product that anyone would be lucky to own!

If you are here, it’s because you have seen all the photos and videos of these amazing machines in action on our Instagram & YouTube.

If the recent pandemic has taught us anything, it is that NOW is time to spend some money and have some fun because you never know what tomorrow will bring! Are you ready to pull the trigger and join the elite and exclusive club of TGV Trike owners?

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