Used 2008 Honda Trike Motorcycle GOLD WING 1800 TRIKE


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  • Condition:Used
  • Year:2008
  • Make:Honda
  • Model:GOLD WING 1800 TRIKE
  • Category:Trike
  • Type:Motorcycle
  • Location:Salem, WV
  • Mileage:78,300
  • VIN:1HFSC47H78A703500
  • Primary Color:Pearl Glaze White
  • Price:$5500
  • Options: AM/FM, CB Radio, CD, Cruise Control, Custom Wheels, Cycle Cover, Fork Lock, Rear Compartments, Shaft Drive, Water Cooled

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  • 2008 Honda Gold Wing Trike. CSC, Cobra Kit, 78,000 miles, easy steer, independent suspension,very good condition, serviced regularly, garage kept.


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